Project Name:
Embry-Riddle Instructional Technology Webinar Series

During my employment at Embry-Riddle as an Instructional Technologist, my primary responsibility was to provide training to faculty for technologies they can use to enhance their classes. After several attempts to schedule face-to-face workshops, I discovered that teachers don’t like to travel across a large college campus to attend workshops. In response to this, I started offering webinar-style workshops online via Adobe Connect. Immediately, I saw an increase in attendance and a demand for more frequent workshops. I record these workshops so they can be available on-demand and will provide a link to a recording by request.

Here are some of the cover pages I use at the start of a workshop:

Cover Page for Canvas Bootcamp Workshop

Cover Page for Canvas Studio Workshop

Cover Photo for Swivl Workshop

Cover Photo for Poll Everywhere Workshop

Cover Photo for Kaltura Workshop