Project Name:
ERAU Student Union Signature Wall

This project was the idea of Embry-Riddle leadership shortly before the opening of the new Student Union building in 2018. The idea was to have students, faculty, and staff digitally sign their names at a campus event and print the names out on an Eagle the size of a wall at the entrance to the building. Since I had the skills to create this project in Adobe Illustrator, I volunteered to convert all the digital signatures, import them into Adobe Illustrator and started resizing them and sorting them. I believe I finished this project in less than four days so it could be completed on time. It was then printed by the campus print shop and applied to the wall by the facilities team.

Photo of the halfway finished project

Photo of the nearly finished project

Photo of the completed eagle in raw form

Photo of the finished project

Photo of the finished project with people in view for scale